Load-Control Valves for Winches LCW

Hydraulic winch drives are used to lift and lower loads. The Load-Control Valves for Winches, series LCW, are ideally suited for oscillation-prone applications, they include, for example, main and auxiliary winches of mobile cranes and are distinguished by their extremely good responsiveness. Damped control of the valve ensures vibration-free operation. Other advantages are in particular the reduced pilot pressure and the integrated pilot pressure bypass valve. Thanks to different options, the series can be extended and adapted to the requirements of the system. The load-control valve for winches is factory-set with the customer-specific system parameters, thus no adjustments have to be done by the customer (plug and run solution). The LCW has a very compact design and can be mounted directly on the winch drive.

Load-Control Valves for Winches LCW
  • Energy-efficient and vibration-free lowering of loads
  • Up to 40% lower pressure losses compared with commercially available valves
  • Integrated pilot pressure bypass valve for a smooth start without pressure peaks
  • Reduced pilot pressure
  • Responsive characteristics over the entire speed range
  • Guaranteed closing force for the load-control assembly (reliable shut-off even with a broken spring)
  • Simple optimization possibilities during acceptance test thanks to modular design
  • Symmetrical system (A port at top)
  • Satisfies exacting demands on corrosion protection thanks to zinc-nickel coating
Type Size
Front flange options Max. flow rate
Operating pressure up to
LCW 16-A-S 16 SAE 3/4'' - 6000 psi flange 250 420
LCW 20-A-S 20 SAE 1'' – 6000 psi flange 350 420
LCW 25-A-S 25 SAE 1 1/4'' – 6000 psi flange 500 420
  Type File extension Size
LCW-16-S_300-P-9050121-en Catalog / Data sheet PDF 135.5 KB
LCW-20-S_300-P-9050122-en Catalog / Data sheet PDF 136.8 KB
LCW-25-S_300-P-9050123-en Catalog / Data sheet PDF 139.2 KB

Variant A – Dependent on return-line pressure

Variant L – Independent of return-line pressure

  • Main and auxiliary winches of mobile, ship and harbor cranes