Stabiliser Cylinders

Mobile cranes are usually brought into their working position with four ground stabiliser cylinders. It is important to provide the greatest possible stability. The cylinders must be designed for high loads and shear forces. As is fitting for this application, we use high-strength materials and take care to ensure the greatest precision. The stability of the cylinder is ensured by incorporating leak-free lock valves in the head of the cylinder.

Stabiliser Cylinders
  • Very reliable anti-leakage features 
  • Visually appealing and robust construction
  • For use under the harshest conditions
  • Low-temperature service
  • Good cost-effectiveness for the customer
Piston diameter
Rod diameter
Stroke length
Peak pressure
Supporting force, max.
Port sizes
100…250 200 500…750 450 2500 unrestricted

The above details are guideline values taken from previously developed products. If your requirements do not fit into this framework, we will find the best solution for your application.

  • Double-acting cylinder
  • With optional version for low-temperature service
  • Rod made of high-strength material, double-hard-chrome-plated to size
  • Integral pilot-operated check valve or double check valve
  • Optional integral pressure relief valve
  • Optional integral pipe rupture protection
  • Mobile crane