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Information about the site

Founded in 1959 (Beringer Hydraulik)
Since 1996 part of Bucher Hydraulics
Production area 7.000
Approximately 190 employees
Approximately 20 apprentices
67 employees employed for more than 10 years

Surrounded by a truly fascinating landscape in an attractive location, we are an internationally focused business that is characterized by collaborative thinking and a good working atmosphere.

As a down-to-earth business, we offer a wide variety of interesting fields with highly automated machinery, advanced measurement technologies, and test benches. State-of-the-art systems enable a broad range of production options and support our employees in their everyday work.

Training with Bucher Hydraulics – a first step on the career ladder

At our Neuheim site, we offer young people versatile training and apprenticeships in the following professions:

  • Electronics technician
  • Merchant
  • Design engineer
  • Logistics specialist
  • Multi-disciplined mechanic
  • Production mechanic


Training positions see German page

“My team at Bucher Hydraulics is like my second family.”

What do we manufacture?

Bucher Hydraulics has a comprehensive portfolio of electronic and hydraulic components and is a leading international manufacturer of advanced electrohydraulic systems.

Our Neuheim site is a center of excellence for electrohydraulic systems and customer-specific safety valves. The entire project planning is application-oriented and takes place on site, from the customer idea through to the finished product.

If you see a crane or an excavator on a construction site, or a hydraulic elevator transporting goods or people, there’s a good chance that it contains important hydraulic and electronic components that have been produced by Bucher Hydraulics.

Every employee is important. Together, we make a strong team.

At Bucher Hydraulics in Neuheim, all employees contribute to the production of high-quality products and to our position on the international market. Many of our employees have been with us for years and enhance the business with their experience. This harmonious interaction between the know-how of our long-standing employees and the new perspectives of the younger generation forms the backbone of our success. It helps us as a company not only to grow steadily, but also to develop continuously.

Safety first

The safety of our employees is always our foremost priority. We have various measures in place, such as a requirement to wear safety shoes that help to minimize the risk of accidents.

They are always available on site quickly, whenever they are needed.

We are very proud of our well trained emergency response team – a team of volunteers from different areas of the company who are prepared and willing to give their colleagues at Bucher Hydraulics initial emergency care when it’s needed. Regular exercises and courses help the team to consolidate its knowledge and cohesion.

Regional roots

More than just advertising – supporting a good cause.
Our employees take an active role in local club life or lend their support at events. We think that their private commitment is great and are happy to support it.

Why Bucher Hydraulics?
Because you can.

Thinking together

This is a place in which you can be involved and where collaborative thinking is welcome. We support internal communication within the team and across different areas of the business through regular group meetings (shop floor).

See the world

Bucher Hydraulics has international representation, from the USA to China, and is eager to share its wide-ranging expertise. Our employees have the opportunity to participate in exciting and informative stays at Bucher Hydraulics sites around the world.


We maintain a cooperative leadership style that integrates our employees in decision-making processes. That familiarity runs as a thread through every level of the business. Employees are kept regularly up to date on topics that are relevant to their level (management dialog, Bucher team information, etc.).

Develop your full potential

We offer a range of development opportunities. Grow in your role, take on new challenges, and shape your professional future yourself.

Work-life balance

With a sensible balance between work and private life, our employees are healthy and motivated. We operate a flexible working hours model that allows us to adapt to our employees’ individual situations.

And much more

In terms of salary, we work in line with Swissmem and participate in salary survey evaluations. All employees take part in a profit-sharing program. Special assignments and shift work attract additional compensation. Our employees also receive gifts on employment anniversaries as well as additional days of vacation and gifts to mark birthdays, Christmas, or special occasions, such as the birth of a child.
We have a staff restaurant that employees can enjoy at reduced cost. Free parking is also available along with the option of purchasing additional weeks of vacation, which is very popular.

Training is not a question of age

To help make sure that we can continue to rely on well-trained specialists in the future, we invest heavily in the training and advanced training of our new and long-standing employees.

Our employees benefit from internal and external training programs for professional and personal development. Targeted ongoing training helps to consolidate employees’ roles withing the business and to open up new areas of responsibility.

In dialog with colleagues, you can gain new experience and discover new strengths and interests.

Where practical, we introduce product innovations and process improvements and train our employees accordingly.

We train the next generation ourselves

At our Neuheim site, young people have the opportunity to participate in multifaceted training to become electronics technicians, merchants, designers, logistics specialists, multi-disciplined mechanics, and production mechanics. Motivated trainers, state-of-the art facilities, and machinery guarantee our apprentices interesting and high-quality training.

What’s the right profession for me?

Whether it’s drawing diagrams with state-of-the-art computer programs, producing technical parts, or stacking goods in the right warehouse with a forklift truck – a taster course at Bucher Hydraulics can help you discover which profession is the one for you.

How to reach us

Our site is easily accessible, whether you’re arriving by car, by bicycle, or by public transport. We have a free car park, storage for bicycles, lockable lockers, and showers.